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Passioni e Tradizioni di Famiglia



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Passioni e Tradizioni di Famiglia


“..nature should be observed, listened to and understood in silence, rather than dominated.. the opposite is just a mere illusion..”
Humble in front of nature and proud to accomplish its work, we move slowly among the rows of vines, observing lights, shades and aromas, grasping the vocation of each single sod of earth, waiting for this generative force to take its own course.
How many aromas, flavours, colours, and what a variety of shades and nuances this land recounts about itself every year. Voices and whispers offer valuable and matchless instants which, if skillfully interpreted, can express the character and elegance of these vineyards.
Inside every bunch that grows, the grapes’ ancient and unique history develops, always enhanced on each single plant and handed down from a generation to the next.
Listening to, learning, understanding and, while waiting, cherishing and protecting our fruits with a care we have acquired over time.
In the cellars, we handle grapes with the utmost care. In the silence, we listen to the must while it turns into wine and, patiently, we wait until wood ageing is over. These are gestures of an ancestral wisdom belonging to the past centuries, teachings of an ancient and unchangeable history capable of making rare enological balances possible.
Only time can hand down the value of experience and tradition, the greatness of the smallest gesture and the importance of knowing when it is time to stop and wait a little bit more. Wine is regarded as a cultural process, as an itinerary of taste and knowledge, aimed to continue and disseminate these traditions by offering every year the character, strength and alluring pleasantness of our land of origin.